Warnham & Woburn

Warnham and Woburn, without doubt the most the most influential red deer parks in all of Europe and primarily responsible for the genetic revolution in antler in this industry.

Under the Deer & Game umbrella and later Stanfield, franchises were secured in 1983 with both parks thus commencing a 30 year professional relationship which has been of extraordinary benefit to our industry.

Only semen and embryos can be imported today and we have on offer semen direct from source offering fresh genetics not available elsewhere within the industry.

We have also retained all the ex. Stanfield Warnham and Woburn semen stocks which is available for purchase on an ongoing basis.


The Lucas family have owned Warnham Park since 1854 and started the famous Red deer herd. Selection criterion is rigid with only 5 – 10% of stags born going into the herd for further evaluation each year.

Warnham has held all known British antler records for length, spread and points and has exported genetics to many countries around the world.

The deer of Warnham Park have made a profound contribution to our industry and will continue to do so with semen exports. The number of elite pure Warnham sires in the industry are too numerous to mention here.

New Sires from Warnham Park

Since March 2011 we have had semen from the outstanding flat wide Heracles and Bartholemu a son of Duncan and likely the best stag since World War II. New semen sire Shackleton available from 2015.

New Sires Warnham2



A splendid Park of 3000 acres holding nine species of deer including (of course) Woburn’s renowned Red deer. For the last 18 years (until December 2012), Woburn has had their own herd in New Zealand farmed by us on their behalf.

Woburn’s contribution to the New Zealand deer industry has been immense:

  • The first stag in the world to measure over 600 SCI Herbrand
  • The first stag in the world to 60 points
  • World record SCI sires Tamar and now
  • World record for weight plus CIC points Hotspur was by Woburn Bedford from Warnham dam 95/087, now eclipsed by Woburn Oak. Both Hotspur and Woburn Oak sired by Bedford

New Sires from Woburn

New blood will continue to come from Woburn to NZ via semen, with Torrington, F40 and ML Alexander

New Sires Woburn2