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Deer & Game Services started it all for the Jermy family in the late 1970’s, but it was our stud and commercial enterprises under the STANFIELD umbrella that bred the finest red deer in the world in size for 30 years and by value for 27 years straight that now, since retiring the stud, creates an opportunity for farmers to capitalize on our 30 plus years of knowledge gained but retained to protect our commercial interests.

However, now all that knowledge can be shared willingly with farmers to help lift their performance. Simply put I can share with you my world best systems for growing wonderful stock and by the way naturally, not artificially.

Consider the statistics below and look to where this fits with your business.

Herd Stats –

English Adult hinds rising 2nd calver & older___June 131.3kg average
English Rising 1st calver___June 108.71kg average
Top Adult Hind___June 180kg
Top 1st Calver hind___June 133.5kg

We produced the first and consistently more 2 year English stags at 200 plus kg liveweight on sale day than any other stud.

We also bred more English 300+ kg sires than anywhere else –

  • Dartagnion
  • Andrew II
  • Merlin
  • Aramis

Antler Records

Stanfield produced nationally the first 3 year olds cutting over 5kg, 6kg & 8kg (The second 3 year old over 7kg) and,

  • The first 4 year sire over 8kg.
  • The record 5 year sire followed by the next record 5 year sire.
  • The first 2 year old over 30 points
  • The first sire over 50 points
  • The first ever in all of history 60 pointer.
  • The first velvet over 11kg
  • The first velvet over 13kg.
  • The first stags over 20kg of hard antler including world record Hotspur and Woburn Oak, No.2 Aragorn at 22.3kg.

World Record Trophies

SCI world records Marshall Fred, Marko, Tamar, plus other world records bred by clients with our bloodlines such as Woody.

CIC (Unofficial) records –

  • Hotspur No. 1
  • Woburn Oak No. 1
  • Herbrand No. 2
  • Aragorn No. 3
  • Thomas Albert No. 4
  • Sergei No. 5

If you need help with your venison or velvet program DGS can leverage 30+ years of hands on practical experience and market leadership to help you succeed.

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