Semen For Sale

We continue to import semen from Warnham Park & Woburn Abbey plus, we have stocks from the ex Stanfield Stud sires. These fine sires are an example of what’s on offer –

Aragorn taken for safari 2012 and at that time he was No.3 SCI at 635 points, No.3 CIC at 294 points and No.2 for weight at 22.3kg.

Jim Scourgie cut 8.2kg from 4yr. old Lot 7 in the 2013 sale by Aragorn, it was not that long ago that Hotspur cut an industry record 4yr. head also at 8.2kg.

Sir Edmond Warnham son of Aragorn, unique antler at 50” in length and heavy, hardest of all the traits to select for, sold at auction for $80,000.

Herbrand needs no introduction of course, probably the finest Woburn sire to date rivalled only by Bloomsbury of course grandsire of SCI no.1 Woody, plus Balunky and many more superstars sitting just under 700 SCI in 2015 waiting to pounce and sons cutting over 13kg of velvet. Bangor of course what a stunning young sire for velvet and safari combined.


Norton II Warnham
Fantastic sire 673 I.O.A at 7 years (698 8 yrs), purchased by Canes Deer this year. Multi pointed, wide, huge & correct lower tynes, sire of very superior sons such as Mercury $40,000 to Jerry Dearden 14kg and 520 I.O.A. at 4 years, Lot 4 in 2013$25,000 and 45” wide Mike McCormick, Lot 19 in 2013 to Donald Greig 46” wide Lot 11 in 2015 to Stu Henderson $21,000 Lot 27 in 2015 to Bryce Heard $21,000.

Norton II is an SCI world record at 785 3/8 points at 9 years 2016. Outstanding Warnham breeding!

Norton II 8yrs    Norton II ped

Bangor Warnham
Stunning new sire, wide, very thick, very correct and clean, ideal for great velvet and massive crowns with multi tops for safari as well. A unique dual purpose antler, I rate him as one of the best stags we ever bred. 12.2kg 49” wide 39 points 8 6/8 beams at 4 years. 520 1/8 I.O.A. Now owned by the Bangor syndicate standing at Richard and Karen Hilson’s property in the Hawkes bay.

Bangor 4yrs     Bangor Ped

Bloomsbury Woburn
Bloomsbury one of the most amazing Woburn sires ever, a stunning 220kg liveweight at 2yrs, massive velveting antler at 16.25 kg and 520 IOA at 5 yrs. His sons are remarkable for age. Owned by the Dowager Duchess of Bedford and is at her Queenstown farm Woodtown south. Now at 6 years old and 300kg l.w. he is a game changer for Woburn breeding.

Boomsbury2    Bloomsbury Ped

Herbrand Woburn
Grandsire of current No 1 SCI he is No 2 CIC behind Hotspur. This is the finest Woburn sire ever bred. 645 I.O.A. and 620 SCI when shot. Sire of sons over 700 SCI and I.O.A. Plus sire of Balunky $82,000, Howland and many other super sires.

Herbrand                   Herbrand Ped

Mars Warnham
609 I.O.A. and 55 points last year this is a unique Warnham sire. Sire of Lot 24 in 2013 sale to Mt Hutt, cut 10.5kg at 4 years. Sire of the incredible Lot 5 this year “Berry” $29,000, sire of Richard & Karen Hilson’s Lot 35 from last year cut 7.1kg at 3 years, George & Laura Williams Lot 4 last year cut 6.6kg at 3 years, plus the amazing retained sire “Bangor” and many other top sires. Mars is now owned by Ken & Robyn Ferguson at Waipuna Station.

Mars              Mars Ped

Super son of Hotspur, No3 SCI at 635 2012, No 3 CIC at 294, No2 for weight at 22.3kg. Sire of Sir Edmund, Tenzing, Aramis and many more like Lot 7 in 2013 cut 8.2kg at 4 years.

Aragorn          Aragorn Ped

Gibson Warnham
15.5 kg this year at 6 years, 48” long, 33” span 7 4/8 beams this sire will be easily over 50” soon one of only three English reds to do it. A son of Sir Edmund over a Charles Rupert daughter, he is super wide and heavy. Gibson is now owned by Craig &Tracy Wilson.

Gibson 6 yrs    Gibson Ped

Haywood Woburn
Fine son of Herbrand and prolific producer of sires, very high quality strike rate. Sire of Streatham, Duke Robin, and many others. 16.1kg hard antler 505⅛ I.O.A. at 6 years.

Haywood 6 yrs     Haywood Ped

Streatham Woburn
Son of Haywood 504 I.OA and 43 points. Very superior trophy sire, exceptional young antler. Streatham is now owned by Philip and Nancy Bay. Shown here at 3 yrs of age.

Streatham 3yrs    Streatham Ped

Taken as a trophy with a world record weight (for centuries of recorded history) and a world record CIC score, eclipsing the greatest head known to man, the Moritzburg head of 1586 that was 19.86kg. His extraordinary performance included records for age as follows: Record 4yr velvet at 8.3kg SAII, Record 5yr hard antler at 17.25kg, Record 6yr hard antler at 19.25kg, Record 8yr hard antler at 22.3kg, world record trophy 23.4kg and 309 CIC points. No other sire that we have had has produced so many Lot 1 sires. 2010 was no exception with the amazing Hawkeye, purchased by Phillip & Nancy Bay for $87,000.

Hotspur-2      hotspur ped

Callum Woburn
69 points at 7 yrs – 2012/13 saw a much nicer looking head, round horn and massively thick. Sadly after the rut 2013 we lost Callum, so very few opportunities left for semen from this sire.

Callum-06-13-web 7yrs             callum ped


DGS will continue to import new genetics from both Woburn and Warnham for our industry’s benefit. Both Parks have nominated new sires and a little semen remains from Warnham’s Bartholemu and Woburn’s Torrington. All enquires welcome and semen allocated on a first come first served basis.

Torrington Woburn 
Torrington shown at 4yrs. long and heavy, 34 points, antler above 11.5kg (a gain in one year of 3.5kg). He is out of the park therefore complete outcross for Woburn enthusiasts.

Torrinton 4yrs

Bartholemu Warnham 
Son of the great Duncan. We have limited stock of Bartholemu left. Heavy wide and multi possibly the best Stag at Warnham since World War II. This head 14kg and 578 I.O.A.

Bartholemu 2012

12/08 Woburn 
A unique Woburn sire 210kg at 2 yrs. Like Torrington selected for length of Antler.

Woburn 12_08 2yrs

Shackleton Warnham 
New sire at Warnham’s deer farm. Son of St Cuthbert. His dam line is star studded back to Norton sire of Norton II, Hercules, Bruno, Neptune IV and Jumbo. This head is 9.5kg which grown at Warnham is exceptional for age and will be much bigger in NZ.

Shackleton 4yrs


With the dispersal of the Stanfield Stud we also  sold the resident Woburn herd, and like Stanfield their semen stocks are intact and include such greats as Herbrand, Bloomsbury , Streatham, Haywood as shown above, but also Endsleigh, Bedford, Callum, F40, and many others. Please contact us as to availability and prices of all available semen stocks.