Environmental Protection for Profit

Principle Clive Jermy ONZM is an award winning farm environmentalist having been the Supreme Champion in 2004 of the Balance Farm Environment Awards for Otago . In addition he has a number of industry specific awards and is  a QE11 covenantor of important and sensitive areas at Bushey Park Otago. Every farm we have owned in our career from Cambridge to Bushey Park Otago and Bangor Canterbury we have been environmentally conscious and planned developments accordingly to protect water and flora.

The introduction of Farm Environmental Plans can have an upside, and can be done for long term revenue enhancement as well as beautification of your property thus adding personal satisfaction and potentially adding value to your land.

As a deer farming consultant we offer 35 years of experience in land care. We can assist in your farm planning for environmental protection such as –

  • The protection of water with value added potential.
  • The protection of flora with value added potential.
  • The most cost effective fencing options in all materials for retiring land, including netting and posts. (saving money).
  • How best to reverse existing damage from deer.
  • How best to cater for the natural instincts of deer and protect your land.

We can help you meet your compliance requirements. Contact me now and let me show you how I can help you meet your compliance obligations, achieve your environmental protection objectives, and add value to your business.