About Clive Jermy ONZM

Clive Jermy

Clive’s passion and dedication to the NZ Deer Industry saw him made an Officer of the NZ Order of Merit in 2006. That passion continues as he seeks to share his knowledge and experience through Deer & Game Services Ltd with others in the industry. Clive was reappointed to the Deer Industry NZ Board in 2014.

Apart from founding the legendary Stanfield Red Deer Stud that dominated the industry for 30 years and produced numerous world records, Clive has achieved a lot in a career 100% focused on Deer including –

  • Consistently achieved the highest prices, body weights and antler weights in the market
  • Developing several stellar Deer Farms in NZ, England & Australia
  • Importing deer from Warnham Park and Woburn Abbey England since 1982
  • Imported the first deer from Eastern Europe including the former Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania plus Austria to NZ.
  • Founded the Warnham and Woburn Deer Society to protect the integrity of key English bloodlines.
  • As Chairman of the GIB and DINZ was engaged in trade negotiations at Ministerial and Industry level in key markets such as, France, Germany, the Benelux, Norway and Korea. Successes  included all year round access for venison to France and sliced velvet access to South Korea.
  • Won the Balance Supreme Environmental Award for Otago in 2004, plus two specific industry environmental awards in 2002 and 2004.

Clive is a QEII National Trust member and initiated two QEII covenants for areas now under protection. Clive is also a Life member NZ Warnham & Woburn Deer Society, Life Member New Zealand Deer Farmers Association and Waikato Branch NZDFA. In 1997 he was also awarded the “Deer Industry Award” 1997 for outstanding services to deer farming.

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